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news - Zimbabweans Sued for Torture Case

october 2nd, 2009

"Nine Zimbabwean human rights activists and others tortured in custody are suing government officials for $510,000 (£322,000), their lawyer has said.

Jestina Mukoko and eight others are suing two cabinet ministers and various police officers.

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered that terrorism charges against her be dropped because she had been tortured.

Ms. Mukoko's lawyers said she had been subjected to simulated drowning, locked in a freezer and beaten.

She was accused of taking part in a plot to topple President Robert Mugabe, which she strongly denied.

Critics say the charges were fabricated in an attempt to silence opponents of Mr. Mugabe's Zanu-PF party.

Analysts say the dropping of the charges against Ms. Mukoko and nine others could ease tensions in Zimbabwe's power-sharing government.

At least three others are still facing trial on the same charges."

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