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news - Video: Zimbabwe MDC 'In Unity Boycott'

october 16th, 2009

"Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said his MDC party has 'disengaged' from the unity government over the treatment of his senior aide.

He said all outstanding issues of a power-sharing deal must be dealt with before the MDC would work with Zanu-PF.

Since his remarks, a High Court ordered the release on bail of MDC ministerial nominee Roy Bennett, who was jailed on Wednesday to face terrorism charges.

Mr. Tsvangirai said the jailing showed Zanu-PF was an 'unreliable' partner.

'It has brought home the reality that as a movement we have an unreliable and unrepentant partner in the transitional government,' AFP quotes him as saying.

Mr. Mugabe and Mr. Tsvangirai agreed to share power in February after disputed elections last year marred by violence.

But since then their parties have failed to agree on appointees for provincial governors, the central bank governor and the attorney general.

The Movement for Democratic Change also accuses Zanu-PF of persecuting its legislators and activists."

You can watch the video here.


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