photo by jon nicholson

news - UN Tries to Boost Zimbabwe's Collapsed Schools

september 14th, 2009

"The UN children's fund says the collapse of Zimbabwe's schooling system means up to 10 pupils are sharing one text book, while some rural schools have no books at all.

Peter Salama, UNICEF's chief Zimbabwe representative, also says dropout rates and examination failures have soared and that nearly 50 percent of pupils don't go on to high school.

In one of the biggest donor programs in the past five years, UNICEF on Monday unveiled a $70 million program to get children back into class.

The program aims to provide a text book for every child in the country's 5,300 junior schools within 12 months. It is being funded by Australia, New Zealand and European nations."

LINK: "UN tries to boost Zimbabwe's collapsed schools" (AP)


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