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news - Mugabe Plans to Evict All White Farmers; Lobby Group Protests

october 7th, 2009

"A Zimbabwean farmers’ lobby group has condemned a proposal by President Robert Mugabe to evict remaining white farmers from their land before elections are held within two years.

'It makes a mockery of the power-sharing agreement and the return to law,' Justice for Agriculture spokesman John Worsley Worswick, who has viewed the document, said in a telephone interview from the capital, Harare.

The document, submitted to Zimbabwe’s cabinet by Land Minister Herbert Murerwa, says land seizures should continue and that no 'foreigner' should be allowed to own land, the US-based Zimbabwe Times reported, citing the document in its possession. The plan is meeting resistance from members of the Movement for Democratic Change party in Zimbabwe’s cabinet, according to the Web site.

It is unclear how many white farmers remain on their land in Zimbabwe out of the estimated 4,000 in place before the often-violent farm invasions began in 2000. Estimates by farmer groups range between 100 and 400 remaining farmers.

Calls to the president’s office and Murerwa’s office today weren’t answered."

LINK: "Mugabe Plans to Evict All White Farmers; Lobby Group Protests" (Bloomberg)


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