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news - US Envoy Urges Deal Between Sudan's Former Foes

september 9th, 2009

"The US envoy to Sudan said he would push the country's former civil war foes to clear two stumbling blocks in their faltering peace deal as he visited the state's oil-producing south on Wednesday.

North and south Sudan fought a two-decade civil war that ended in a 2005 deal, but relations have remained tense and the accord is facing key tests--national elections in 2010 and a referendum on southern independence in 2011

Envoy Scott Gration said north and south Sudanese leaders needed to resolve wrangling over a census, a building block to elections, and preparations for the referendum.

Gration said he would meet northern and southern leaders in south Sudan's capital Juba in the latest in a series of three-way conferences to try and resolve their differences.

'We will concentrate on finding a path forward on the two remaining unresolved sticking points for full...implementation (of the 2005 deal),' said Gration in an emailed statement.

'These are fundamental issues that must be resolved soon.'"

MORE: "US envoy urges deal between Sudan's former foes" (Reuters)


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