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news - Khartoum Criticizes Washington's Decision on Economic Sanctions on Sudan

september 14th, 2009

"The Sudanese government criticized on Sunday a decision announced by the US administration to exclude certain areas from economic sanctions imposed by the United States on the African country over one decade.

Sudanese Presidential Adviser Ghazi Salahuddin told a press conference in Khartoum that 'the decision is intended to divide the country.'

'It is impossible to exclude certain areas while imposing sanctions on northern Sudan since the north is the mainstay of life for those areas excluded,' he said.

The official reiterated his government's commitment to dialogues with the US, saying that 'we are committed to the dialogue, but if the other party continues to make obstacles as what the US administration is doing, then they should be held with the consequences.'

'Since the first day of the dialogue between us, we told them (the Americans) that we could live without them, and now we are living without them,' the Sudanese official added.

The US Treasury announced the amendment on the economic sanctions on Sudan to allow the export and re-export of agricultural products, medicines and medical devices to specific areas in Sudan, including southern Sudan, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, Abyei and Darfur.

The Treasury Department said the purpose of the exception was to help improve the humanitarian situation, particularly in southern Sudan, which had suffered a civil war for more than two decades before a peace agreement was signed in 2005."

LINK: "Khartoum criticizes Washington's decisions on economic sanctions on Sudan" (Xinhua)


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