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news - US Burma Policy Review Almost Complete: Obama Aide

september 17th, 2009

"US President Barack Obama's acting point man on Burma said Wednesday that a review of US policy was almost complete as he urged the country's military regime to free some 2,100 political prisoners.

'It is so important that we not forget about these people,' Scot Marciel, Deputy Assistant Secretary, East Asia and Pacific Bureau and Ambassador for ASEAN Affairs said at a major human rights group's forum on the detainees.

Marciel said the US review of its approach to Burma would not 'question or reassess' the importance of the military junta freeing the prisoners and edging towards democratic rule but might call for different tactics.

'Our policy all along has been improved human rights situation, release of political prisoners, dialogue, and transition to a democratic government that can better govern that country,' he said."

MORE: "US Burma policy review almost complete: Obama aide" (AFP)


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