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news - Update: China Says No Involvement In Burma's Domestic Issues

september 10th, 2009

"Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu on Thursday reaffirmed China's no involvement policy in Burma's internal affairs and called for peaceful solutions.

Jiang made the comments in response to a question whether Burma's action to send troops to Kokang region was based on China's information.

'China never interferes in Myanmar's internal affairs and would like to see Myanmar resolve its issues through peaceful consultations,' she said.

Armed conflicts broke out in Burma in August after a move-in of the government troops in Laukkai, the capital of the Kokang region. The standoff between the two forces have triggered large outflux of border inhabitants into the neighboring Yunnan Province's Nansan area."

LINK: "China says no involvement in Burma's domestic issues" (Xinhua)

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