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feature story - Not On Our Watch Donates $1.5 million to Lifesaving Programs in Darfur and Eastern Chad

december 10th, 2008

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Continuing its efforts to offer critical assistance and resources to victims of the ongoing conflict in the Darfur region, Not On Our Watch has awarded a combined (US)$1.5 million to lifesaving programs in Darfur and eastern Chad.

Partnering with leading international aid organizations, Not On Our Watch will fund community-based peace-building and livelihoods projects in Darfur, food security programs in Chad, and support rural health clinics in North Darfur. In total, these programs will reach a population of approximately 455,000 people who remain affected by the conflict.

“As the conflict in Darfur continues, victims of violence remain desperately in need of basic support systems. Now more than ever it is critical that the international community remain committed to these victims and work towards putting an end to this crisis," said Not On Our Watch board member Matt Damon.

-Not On Our Watch funds will support peace-building work in South and West Darfur, reaching approximately 55,000 people. This grant will establish locally-led, sustainable peace processes in 6 villages, addressing urgent humanitarian needs in Darfur while building trust between ethnic groups. Community-based health care, especially for pregnant women, will be expanded to villages frequently cut off by violence or harsh environmental conditions.

-Not On Our Watch funds will further help approximately 200,000 vulnerable people gain access to clean water and avert future hunger. This grant will provide access to safe water for cooking and cleaning, as well as build new sanitary facilities, to help prevent the spread of water-borne diseases. It will further distribute high-yield seeds and fertilizers, improve access to cultivable land, and support the teaching of new cultivation techniques to increase overall agricultural production.

-Not On Our Watch funds will expand vital health services for a population of approximately 200,000 people in North Darfur. This grant will provide maternal and child health care through 7 clinics, as well as expand vaccinations for children under 12 months of age. These funds will likewise provide health and hygiene education.

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