photo by jon nicholson

feature story - Board Members George Clooney and John Prendergast Remember Elie Wiesel

july 7th, 2016

George Clooney: "Unless you’re 88 years old, most of us have not lived in a world without Elie Wiesel. We had a champion who carried our pain, our guilt and our responsibility on his shoulders for generations. Now he’s gone. It’s hard to fathom. So I guess it’s up to us now. To fight for the disenfranchised. To speak truth to power and to never forget how cruel man can be to man. In memory of Elie it’s the least we can do. Rest in peace my friend. You brought us this far. We’ll take it from here." ["It's Up To Us Now"]

John Prendergast: "Dr. Wiesel had a profound influence on all of us at Enough. He was a great friend and ally over the years in the anti-genocide movement, inspiring new generations to take up the mantle of witnessing and acting. We will miss him dearly." ["The Enough Project Remembers Elie Wiesel"]

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