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Alongside our international advocacy, Not On Our Watch contributes significant funds towards lifesaving, humanitarian, and emergency programs in the Darfur region.

To date, Not On Our Watch has given over $7.5M to support these projects, partnering with established international organizations in the areas of crisis.

Not On Our Watch grants have provided fuel-efficient stoves to 20,000 people in displaced persons camps, reducing the need for women to risk exposure to violence and rape in order to collect firewood. Our grants have helped build hospital clinics in otherwise inaccessible areas, offering medical care for victims of sexual assault, rape, and gender-based violence. We further support these victims by providing psychosocial counseling and legal aid, and have helped establish community spaces where victims of rape and violence can begin to move towards healing and empowerment.

Not On Our Watch funds have supported the operation of 24-hour health clinics in the Darfur region, enabling victims to access critical health care at any time of day. Our grants have expanded primary and reproductive health care to over 100,000 victims of the Darfur crisis. Not On Our Watch funds have provided for supplies of emergency vaccines and the construction of special hospitalization centers to increase the level of care provided in camps. Grants have further supported services in seven rural clinics in North Darfur, targeting a population of nearly 200,000 people.

Not On Our Watch has assisted over 500,000 displaced people in the region access safe water and avert potentially deadly water-borne illnesses. Our funds have provided high-yield seeds and fertilizers, access to cultivable land, and supported the teaching of new cultivation techniques to approximately 200,000 vulnerable people. Not On Our Watch grants have further helped hospital staff manage severe acute child malnutrition and provided immunizations against early childhood diseases. We have provided $1.5 million in critical funding for United Nations helicopters, which deliver emergency supplies to almost 3.1 million Darfuris.

To promote human rights, Not On Our Watch supports organizations that train community leaders in international human rights norms and civilian protection principles. We further support mediation centers, which train representatives in the management of human rights cases. Not On Our Watch funds support peace-building work in South and West Darfur, reaching approximately 55,000 people by establishing locally-led, sustainable peace processes in 6 villages that address urgent humanitarian needs while building trust between ethnic groups.

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