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Not On Our Watch has funded programs to help provide food, medical care and education to the estimated 150,000 Burmese refugees living on the Thai-Burma border, victims who have been forced from their homes by military-sponsored violence. Not On Our Watch funds have been further directed to support mobile medical teams offering critical care to internally displaced Burmese living in unstable border areas.

Not On Our Watch has likewise provided food assistance for Burmese living along the Western border of Burma in Northern Rakhine State. As the majority of this population has been denied citizenship and remains isolated with very limited resources, access to food is a constant and critical problem. Our funds have provided food rations and safe water for 15,000 vulnerable people in the region.

Not On Our Watch is further working to support organizations that offer protection, care, and counseling to some of Burma's estimated 2,100 prisoners of conscience—many of whom have been jailed without trial and face torture or the prospect of death while incarcerated.

Faced with the Burmese government's inaction in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, in May of 2008, Not On Our Watch donated $500,000 towards immediate emergency relief for victims of the disaster. Lifesaving supplies of food, clean water and materials for shelter and protection were distributed to nearly 11,500 households.


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