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last update: march 27th, 2014

march 25th, 2014

SSP Report: Darfur in Flames with Janjaweed's Return

New Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) images from March 17, 2014 show approximately 150 recently destroyed homes on the western side of the Darfuri town of Saraf Omra,* where Janjaweed fighters are once again wreaking havoc. The patterns of destruction to separate areas lead DigitalGlobe imagery analysts to conclude that the damage to Saraf Omra was intentional—not accidental.

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february 25th, 2014

Board Members George Clooney and John Prendergast Joint Op-Ed: "New Lost Boys of South Sudan"

This op-ed was originally published by USA Today, and co-authored by board members George Clooney and John Prendergast.


The only activity in the hospital compound in Bor, South Sudan, these days is the dozens of vultures circling overhead. In mid-January, rebel forces swept into the Bor hospital, killing everyone that could not escape. Underscoring its crime, the group collected and burned the bodies of its victims. All that remains are bloodstained shoes, charred medicine vials, and overturned wheelchairs. Scorched patches of earth show where people were set on fire. When local residents are asked who was responsible, the answer is always the same: child soldiers of a militia called the White Army.

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last updated august 10th, 2010

august 10th, 2010

North, south Sudan leaders meet on referendum

"Northern and southern Sudanese leaders resumed negotiations on Tuesday on the ramifications of possible southern independence early next year, such as the distribution of oil wealth."

august 6th, 2010

South Sudan leader says referendum will be on time

"The head of southern Sudan's main political party said the crucial referendum on whether the region is to split from the north will be held on time, even if the disputed north-south border isn't drawn by then."

august 6th, 2010

Sudan denies aid to camp devastated by fighting: UN

"Sudan has denied all aid agencies access to Darfur's Kalma camp after five people were killed there and thousands fled when divisions over peace talks turned violent, humanitarian officials said on Friday."

august 5th, 2010

Update: Bashir returns to Sudan with Libyan promises

"Wanted Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir returned to Khartoum on Thursday after a two-day visit to Libya, saying he had secured Libyan guarantees to curb any Darfur rebel attacks."

august 4th, 2010

Violence Said to Be Rising in Sudan’s Darfur Region

"Violence in the turbulent Darfur region of Sudan has spiked over the past several months, Alain Le Roy, the head of United Nations peacekeeping operations, said Wednesday. He attributed the increase to a combination of factors, including fitful peace talks, renewed tribal rivalries and overall tension in Africa’s largest nation as its south prepares for an independence referendum."

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