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last update: may 20th, 2013

may 20th, 2013

Satellite Imagery Reveals Sudan, South Sudan Violations of Demilitarized Border Zone Agreements

WASHINGTON -- New DigitalGlobe satellite imagery confirms that Sudan and South Sudan have violated recent agreements by positioning troops in what is supposed to be a 12-mile (20-kilometer) demilitarized buffer zone along their contested border. Continued satellite monitoring of military installations, near the border villages of Heglig and Kiir Adem, prove that both governments have violated their obligations under the March 2013 treaty in which they agreed to implement September 2012 peace agreements.

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may 15th, 2013

Satellite Imagery Confirms Sudan Armed Forces Buildup at Border Hotspot

WASHINGTON -- Satellite imagery from March 5, 2013, analyzed for the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) by DigitalGlobe’s Analysis Center, shows newly-arrived main battle tanks, 10 heavy transporters (HETS), and two Mi-24 helicopter gunships, in Heglig, an oil producing region in South Kordofan, Sudan, which South Sudan claims lies within its territory. Heglig was the scene of the last major military engagement between Sudan and South Sudan in April 2012.

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last updated august 16th, 2010

august 16th, 2010

Update: UN, aid workers enter Darfur refugee camp hit by clashes

"UN representatives and aid workers were allowed into a refugee camp in war-torn Darfur on Monday, more than two weeks after deadly fighting there, the United Nations said."

august 16th, 2010

Darfur expels five aid workers

"Authorities in Sudan's West Darfur state have expelled five humanitarian workers from the United Nations and the Red Cross, aid officials said Monday, as the UN chief expressed alarm about the situation in Darfur."

august 14th, 2010

Update: Sudan blocking access to Darfuri refugees: UN

"Sudan must stop blocking aid agencies from reaching more than 80,000 displaced Darfuri refugees at Kalma camp, a scene of bloodshed where conditions are deteriorating, the UN's humanitarian chief said on Saturday."

august 14th, 2010

UNAMID says two of its police abducted in Darfur

"Two police advisers deployed with the joint UN-African Union peacekeeping force in Sudan's western region of Darfur were kidnapped by gunmen on Saturday, UNAMID said in a statement."

august 12th, 2010

More gunfire at Darfur camp, aid workers barred: UN

"There was an exchange of gunfire at a refugee camp in Sudan's western Darfur region that has been the focus of a tense standoff between international peacekeepers and Khartoum, a U.N. spokesman said on Wednesday."

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