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last update: june 11th, 2012

june 11th, 2012

Conflict in the Sudans: Tracking Compliance with U.N. Security Council Resolution 2046

On May 2, the United Nations Security Council enacted a resolution addressing recent violence that has flared along the poorly defined international border separating Sudan and South Sudan, as well as the nearly year-long conflict between Sudanese government forces and the Sudan Revolutionary Front, or SRF. It was an important move, and a significant one given the political gridlock the Security Council often faces when considering issues related to the two Sudans.

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june 11th, 2012

New Timeline: Hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan - A Chronology of Recent Events

In recent days the renewed hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan have caught the world’s attention. However, the back-and-forth between the two countries has often been difficult to follow. In light of this, the Enough Project has produced a new timeline to chronicle the often confusing events along the border and in the negotiating room.

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last updated december 2nd, 2010

december 2nd, 2010

Exclusive: Southern Sudanese Return Ahead of Referendum

(The following is the first in a regular series of multimedia dispatches from veteran journalist Tim Freccia reporting from southern Sudan.)


Tensions are rising along the border between North and South Sudan. Many feel that this oil-rich region could be the front lines of Sudan’s next civil war if an independence vote does not go smoothly.


With nearly a month to go before the South votes on independence from the North, thousands of southerners living in the North are flooding back to their southern homelands in convoys of ancient, dilapidated buses. The southerners are returning, they say, out of fear of potential reprisals in the North should the country split into two.


Follow the link for the full first dispatch from Southern Sudan, including photos.

october 13th, 2010

Board Members George Clooney and John Prendergast Visit Southern Sudan, Meet with President Obama

Having just returned from Southern Sudan, board members George Clooney and John Prendergast met with President Obama earlier this week to discuss US policy towards Sudan, ahead of the approaching Southern Sudanese independence referendum in January 2011.


Read and participate in their call for action on Southern Sudan by clicking on the NOOW Feature at the top of the righthand column of this page.


Follow the link for photos documenting their trip.

september 15th, 2010

Sudan rejects US referendum incentives

"A package of incentives offered by Washington to ensure the smooth holding of a referendum on whether south Sudan should secede from the north amounts to interference in Sudan's affairs, a ruling party official said on Wednesday."

september 13th, 2010

South Sudan independence vote at risk

"A referendum on whether oil-rich southern Sudan breaks away to become Africa's newest nation is scheduled to take place in less than four months. But with negotiations between north and south stalled over border demarcation, and preparations for the vote lagging perilously behind, the likelihood of the referendum proceeding as planned appears slim."

september 9th, 2010

Hillary Clinton: South Sudan referendum is 'time bomb'

"The referendum on independence for Southern Sudan is a 'ticking time bomb,' US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said."

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