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last update: september 23rd, 2011

september 23rd, 2011

Satellites Show Sudan Armed Forces with Heavy Armor on Road to Rebel Stronghold in Blue Nile State

The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released imagery showing that the Government of Sudan appears ready to launch a massive military drive aimed at the rebel stronghold of Kurmuk in the Blue Nile border area.

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august 25th, 2011

Satellites Confirm Sudanese Red Crescent Burial of Body Bags in Mass Graves

The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has confirmed the burial of human remains, some of them in body bags or tarps, through a series of DigitalGlobe satellite images taken of two newly discovered mass grave sites in Sudan’s restive South Kordofan region. The addition of the two new mass graves brings the total discovered by SSP to eight.

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last updated august 10th, 2010

august 10th, 2010

North, south Sudan leaders meet on referendum

"Northern and southern Sudanese leaders resumed negotiations on Tuesday on the ramifications of possible southern independence early next year, such as the distribution of oil wealth."

august 6th, 2010

South Sudan leader says referendum will be on time

"The head of southern Sudan's main political party said the crucial referendum on whether the region is to split from the north will be held on time, even if the disputed north-south border isn't drawn by then."

august 6th, 2010

Sudan denies aid to camp devastated by fighting: UN

"Sudan has denied all aid agencies access to Darfur's Kalma camp after five people were killed there and thousands fled when divisions over peace talks turned violent, humanitarian officials said on Friday."

august 5th, 2010

Update: Bashir returns to Sudan with Libyan promises

"Wanted Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir returned to Khartoum on Thursday after a two-day visit to Libya, saying he had secured Libyan guarantees to curb any Darfur rebel attacks."

august 4th, 2010

Violence Said to Be Rising in Sudan’s Darfur Region

"Violence in the turbulent Darfur region of Sudan has spiked over the past several months, Alain Le Roy, the head of United Nations peacekeeping operations, said Wednesday. He attributed the increase to a combination of factors, including fitful peace talks, renewed tribal rivalries and overall tension in Africa’s largest nation as its south prepares for an independence referendum."

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