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Drawing upon the voices of cultural leaders to protect and assist the vulnerable, marginalized and displaced.


Not On Our Watch is a federally registered 501(c)3 charity.

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last update: june 11th, 2012

june 11th, 2012

Reports: Satellites Show Buildup of Sudan Military Strike Aircraft in Range of South Sudan, Damage to Oil Infrastructure

The Satellite Sentinel Project, or SSP, released two new reports, documenting the latest developments in the conflict raging on the border between Sudan and South Sudan.

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march 16th, 2012

Board Member George Clooney Behind Front Lines in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

JUBA, South Sudan -- Except for a few early risers, Yida refugee camp in Unity State, South Sudan was sleeping when an unlikely assortment of people headed north to the border with Sudan and over into the embattled Nuba Mountains. In the front seat of the ragged Land Cruiser sat Not On Our Watch board members George Clooney and John Prendergast, and a handful of human rights researchers.

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last updated june 1st, 2011

june 1st, 2011

Former Prosecutors, State Department War Crimes Officials Affirm Satellite Sentinel Project Findings of Apparent War Crimes in Abyei

Washington - A bipartisan group of former civilian and military officials has affirmed the Satellite Sentinel Project’s (SSP) analysis of visual evidence that the Government of Sudan allegedly committed war crimes during its occupation of the disputed region of Abyei.

march 18th, 2011

PBS Newshour Profiles DigitalGlobe and Satellite Sentinel Project

In a segment on PBS NewsHour on March 17, Tom Bearden reported on the Satellite Sentinel Project’s use of imagery from space to track and document the deliberate razing of villages in the Abyei region of Sudan.


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january 20th, 2011

Security Talks Bring Abyei Back from the Brink of War

KADUGLI, Sudan – Following politics in Sudan can be as surreal as an M. C. Escher illustration. Just when you think you have a good grounding in the issues, the floor becomes the ceiling and your whole perception takes a 180-degree jolt.

january 11th, 2011

'Right Here in Abyei': Video Dispatch from Board Member John Prendergast

ABYEI, Sudan – This tense region wedged between North and South Sudan is a tinderbox. One spark could ignite renewed violence and plunge the whole border area back into war.

january 9th, 2011

Euphoria, Long Lines Mark South Sudan’s First Day of Voting

JUBA, Southern Sudan -- "I have been waiting a long time for this day," said a young man named Carter, standing in the intense, early morning sun. "Everyone here has, and we're going for separation," he said, gesturing toward the long lines of people around him who turned out to this polling station to vote in the South Sudan referendum on independence.

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